Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Cat May Have Died

Curiosity may have killed the cat,
but my curiosity produced some great results -
and it was painless!

Above are my results from reapplying sugar syrup resist on my first piece
 pictured here,
and then overdyeing it.
Just as the first time around, I dropped the syrup
from a medicine dropper.
I let the syrup dry overnight, and then I spread thickened dye,
using a sponge roller.
The piece batched for about four hours.

I over-resisted and overdyed all of the pieces pictured in the earlier post,
using the same resist method,
and thickened dyes.
So here they are:

This (above) is the stamped silk,
using my funky homemade stamp
that I showed you the other day.

This is a swirly resist.

And this is the dragonfly piece.
I like that some of the dragonflies have a bit of an edge to them.
a detail shot:

I'm really glad that I took the time to apply the second layers,
both syrup and dye.

I also wondered how the unpure dyes
would react with the sugar syrup resist.
Sometimes their splits are stunning...
and again, I wasn't disappointed!

This is the result of my first photo shown in yesterday's post.
I used Dharma's Better Black.

In all of these photos,
the silk on the left side of the photo was dry when the 
sugar syrup drops were applied.
I sprayed a Urea water solution on the right side,
which kept the silk moist longer,
allowing the resist lines to give way a bit more.

This is Pro Chem's Nickel.
I love that dye on silk,
and I love how the colors separated out:

Below is Pro Chem's Hot Chocolate.

Again, yummy in it's separation!

And this is Pro Chem's Celery:

I love how the dye separated out on the Urea water side of the silk:

Well, that's more than enough posting for one day!

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Jeannie said...

Here is my comment - WOW!!! I love the difference between the wet/dry silk and the color seperation experiment is beautiful. I was starting to clean up my mess and now I am thinking - what if? LOL!

Karen Amelia said...

Your experiments with the sugar resist make me want to try it soon. I love reading new stuff in blogs. Thanks so much.

And I'd love to receive Lisa's book.

Meg Fowler said...

I've never tried sugar resist before. After seeing your gorgeous results, it's definitely on my to-do list! Wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

I have tried some of the so called "kitchen" resists before and not been happy. That was in the days before I was willing to dye and overdye. I liked the over dyed pieces the best. Would certainly enjoy the book.