Saturday, October 20, 2012

Around & About with Art

Our cousin Heather and I had a terrific art date the other day.
We drove to the historic old town of Madison, GA
to see the "Fibers" exhibit at the
Madison-Morgan Cultural Center.
My interest was piqued because my friend Leisa Rich
had several pieces in the show.
Above is one
(shown with the artist's permission).
The incredible triptych pictured above is titled "Snatched Away".
Here is a detail shot:

I love Leisa's work!
Be sure to check out her website:
such eye candy!

Here is a fabulous piece by Meredith Re' Grimsley:

"Lovely Bind"

The lights in that particular room were not working at the time,
so I was using the light from the door to take the photograph -
hence my shadow off to the left.
This is such a great piece!
All of her works were very thought-provoking.
The show closed yesterday.

We spent Thursday with Charlie.
It was a lovely day, so instead of spending it inside at the High Museum,
we were outside at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens 
viewing the scarecrows and playing in the
Childrens' Garden.

I attended my first SAQA event yesterday:
a meet-and-greet at the Georgia Quilt Show,
organized by Paula Tanner, our Georgia/South Carolina rep.
It was great to meet local ladies with similar interests!



Gerrie said...

Love that Leisa piece! Would love to see it in person. That Charlie is a little love!!

Jeannie said...

Wow! I love Leisa's artwork. I too would love to see it in person. Charlie is such a cutie and he always is so happy. Joy!

Carol said...

Great art, but Charlie steals the show! xox