Monday, October 22, 2012

Get Your Plate Here!

If you live in Georgia
and you support the arts,
you should reserve your 
Arts Specialty License Plate 
"Ten dollars from the sale of each plate will go to GCA which will use the funds to support arts programs in communities statewide. More arts programs means more jobs, more tourists, and more opportunities for growth and development statewide.  National studies have shown that the creative industries re-circulates the income of residents at a higher rate, creates jobs for local businesses, trains the next generation of the creative workforce and attracts and retains non-arts related businesses."

I've been doing some very interesting and fun
eco-prints over the past few days.
The leaves are offering so very much this time of year.
It's a challenge to try as many as possible,
and do a quality job.
(This afternoon I 'borrowed' some Gingko and Geranium leaves
from my neighbor Debbie.
I can't wait to see how they print!)
I purchased some wonderful paper at my Midtown Utrecht store
last weekend and have been carefully tearing it into a manageable size
for printing.
Here are a few of the prints that I unwrapped this morning:

you can see that one leaf still remains in the image above

My hope and plan is to make another book, 
using these prints as the pages.
I hope I can see this project through 
in the next few months.



Jeannie said...

Gorgeous prints, Judy. I love the fact that the state is encouraging the arts. We have the plates for wildlife, and I don't know about the arts.

Carol said...

Stunning prints, Judy! xox