Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Harvest on Paper

more prints on paper 
from Sunday's session

Euca leaves
(my first on paper)

I am using every single bit of my paper.
In other words, I cut as many pieces in the size I desire
(in this case 7.5 x 15")
and then I cut the remainders into pieces that fit between by 7.5" square tiles.
I imagine I will find a great use for the smaller pieces as well.

this one is Sourwood leaves -
oh, so delicate!

I think I will try some silk and cotton next!



Jeannie said...

Have you thought about making silk paper? I love the delicate quality of the leave on the paper. Kind of like whispers. Have fun!

deanna7trees said...

very inspiring. i might have to try this.

Dip and Stain said...

You have come so far in such a short time. These are really excellent examples. I like the fearlessness of your experiments. That is what gives you such an edge. There are mordants other than vinegar that you can use to soak your paper in before the printing, you can try alkaline as well as acid. You may also try sprinkling you leaves in the stack with rock salt or sea salt while building your stack. The rubber bands will help hold it all together. I rint up to 11 sheets and stack so both side are getting printed. It is amazing how differently the front and the back of the leaves print in the same stack.

Ginny Huber said...

Beautiful prints. I don't think I've ever seen a sourwood tree-delicate indeed..and nice to get James instruction here too!

Terrie said...

REALLY pretty prints like watercolor painting. I do wish I could make like them. James' advices are so valuable. I must try with salt.

Judy said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I have not tried salt, but I will! The first two prints are, in fact, the front and back of two sheets of paper. The difference is interesting, isn't it!

Meg Fowler said...

Judy, I've been playing with paper and have gotten some nice pages for my book. Today I have a silk sample steaming away and caan't wait to open it! Oh! I've gotten GREAT red prints from those lovely sumac leaves along the byways!!!

Carol said...

I love this new tack of printing leaves. Well, not so new to you but to me as I'm still thinking about it, rather than doing it. Lovely results!