Thursday, October 25, 2012

With a little help from my friends!

My neighbor Debbie has several Gingko trees
and I was lucky to find a few fallen leaves the other day.
I love how they printed on my Rives paper.

Debbie also has beautiful Geraniums:

 I also printed Euca leaves, 
courtesy of my sister-in-law Molly.

The above page is creased in the middle
(you are seeing the entire left page and a bit of the right)
so as to be used in a book.

I've written several times about our beautiful southern Sourwoods,
so I thought I'd share a couple of images:

Above you can see the little flowerettes that attract the bees,
and help produce the fabulous Sourwood honey.

Our Sourwoods are just reaching their gorgeous scarlet peak.
Imagine them against the backdrop of our Southern deep blue October sky!



Jeannie said...

Dang! I have been resisting the temptation to put leaf to paper until I saw the ginko. I have a small tree that I love and the leaves are just starting to turn yellow. I may have to give in and give it a try. The sourwood has beautiful leaves. They remind me of a tropical that I see in the stores whose name is in that senior moment vault. LOL!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend. xo

Dip and Stain said...

Lovely, subtle prints, Judy. I hadn't noticed how compatible Ginko and Geranium leaves are together. These will make some lovely pages.

Terrie said...

Really so beautiful watercolor effect. As always I love all. Your surrounding is stunning. Such pretty autumn feel.

Maggie Drake said...

Beautiful watery and painterly images. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Beautiful Eco-prints, Judy! I still haven't done any that I like. I'm on a long trip so haven't been home for weeks. Blogging a little but really just enjoying the countryside. xox

Ginny Huber said...

Lovely images..I have been intrigued by your sourwoods and discovered there are some plotting a visit, Tree book in hand..hope I get there before the rain has sent the leaves to their final resting palce for this year. Always enjoy seeing your prints and other work. Am hoping to get a blog post in for october..i had better hurry!