Saturday, October 27, 2012

Art Date

We had an art date to the MOCA GA 
(Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia)
The main artist exhibit was the work of Brian Dettmer,
which we both loved.

Dettmer is interested in the "past, present and future of the book"
and explores and expands "possibilites and perspectives of the book's form 
and its content".
Above is an assemblage of paperbacks, carved to form the phrase 
"one word at a time".
Here's a detail shot of the first O 

I hope that you are able to see the various layers of words remaining 
in Dettmer's skillfully excised letter.

Below are individual 'fun books'
taken from the collection of "The Big Fun Book"

"The Family Game Book":

and here's another book with a detail shot below it:

We particularly enjoyed 
"Altered States (Flags)" -
which you really have to see up close and personal
for the full effect.

If you are interested in seeing this exhibit,
it runs through January 5, 2012.
MOCA GA is located at 
75 Bennett Street, Atlanta
just off of Peachtree.

......and if you can't get there, you can Google 
Brian Dettmer,
and see many more fabulous images of his work.



Jeannie said...

Lucky you!!! I saw a PBS show, I think, about his artwork and wow!!! I am just amazed and in awe. I know it must be even more amazing in person. Have a good one!

Carol said...

He is amazing, isn't he? Lucky you to see the books up close.