Monday, November 05, 2012

Sore Throat Productivity

We are dealing with colds around here,
and it makes me so angry!
Our church's Festival of the Arts opened on Saturday night,
with crowds of admirers and shoppers,
I gave my Power Point presentation on Sunday morning,
to a large group of parishioners during the Sunday School hour.
It went really well,
but I'm so happy to have that behind me.
(I told one friend that it's similar to having a colonoscopy:
the prep is far worse than the procedure!)
Last night our parish choir performed a lovely choral presentation 
for All Saints' Day,
and then I worked in the gallery shop for a while,
before we joined friends out for dinner.

So today was my treat to myself:
go to the gym and then
make art!!!
I was so looking forward to it!
C let me sleep in this morning,
and when I finally awoke, I was all achey and had a sore throat.

I'm drugging myself and still enjoying my art time.

Above is a piece of silk that I unwrapped the other evening.
It has some lovely Euca prints on it.

This is another silk piece that was unwrapped 
at the same time.
I've been washing the Euca leaves with egg before I wrap and cook.
It seems to make for a more vibrant color,
but I'm also noticing staining from the egg - ugh.

Our Sweet Gum leaves are turning a glorious deep purple these days.
I've seen some lovely prints from them,
so I decided to make some of my own.
The purple appears only on the front side,
so you can't see it here

These are more Sourwood leaves.

I've prepared several more signatures of these leaf prints,
in hopes of making another book soon.
Hopefully I'll show you some stunning new paper prints in another day or two!

Alisa Burke posted a fun (and easy) way to marble paper
on her blog today,
so I gave it a try.

Since we will be celebrating Charlie's second birthday in another
couple of weeks, AND
his sibling is due to arrive on 12/12/12,
I'm trying to get a few things done early for Christmas.
I'm intending to use the marbled papers for gift tags.
I also carved a stamp for our Christmas card today.
I hope to get more silk for the ground fabric dyed tomorrow,
so I can stamp away at my leisure!



Jeannie said...

Perhaps you can use the egg stain as a ghost print and embroider a leaf over it? I do love the sourwood leaves. Feel better soon!

Beverly said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. All those prints are gorgeous!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Get well!

I take one vitamin D pill (2000 IE) every day, and have also taken a flu jab two weeks a go. So hopefully it might keep me healthy throughout the fall and winter =)


Carol said...

Hope you are feeling better today as you watch the election. I've been watching since 5am and can't bear to turn it off. Go Obama! Lovely Ecco printing and the marbling looks fun. xox