Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monkey Business

It's been crazily busy around here lately,
and I never seem to get even a second to blog.

Our church is gearing up for its Festival of the Arts,
and so I've spent more hours than I care to think
preparing my gallery pieces for hanging,
ironing scarves for the shop,
creating hang tags and attaching the pricing codes,

I'm almost finished, however...
and I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment.

I will be giving a Power Point presentation at church on Sunday morning,
mainly about my art journey, 
but I'm also incorporating some interesting info about silk,
the love of my life,
and also dyeing processes.
Once that is over and done with,
I can breathe easily,
and go on to the next things on my plate!

I have a pot of fiber brewing on the kitchen stove as I write:
a long sleeved tee wrapped around a copper pipe with
Euca included in the bundle,
plus a lovely silk crepe de chine scarf
that is taking its third dip in the bath.
I'm loving the layering!

I played around with adding wool roving to the edges of a
silk charmeuse scarf the other day.

Imagine how pleased I was to find just the right shade of roving
to match the Euca leaf prints!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!



komodori said...

You answered my question if this Sunday is your talk. I will do everything in my power to be there. Much love! XR

Ineke said...

Hard work but nice I think?

Jeannie said...

Beautiful scarf! Good luck on your talk, I wish I could be there to cheer you on. Trick or Treat?

Terrie said...

How honor to have a talk and arts displayed. Attendees must got lots from you. Wish I were there too.

Sucess and great exposure!