Sunday, December 02, 2012


 Books: I have been in love with handcrafted books for many years, and finally Claudia my book-binding friend and teacher has come into my life to help me along!  Above are two pages from one of my most recent books.  There are eco printed leaves of geranium on the left and gingko on the right - both from my neighbor Debbie's garden.

The back cover of the book:

I have also made several little cloth covered books in the past few weeks. I have used fabrics that I have dyed and printed over the years.  Here is a sweet one:

This is another that I am particularly fond of:

and two more with covers from the same fabric.  I added beads to the bindings on the two below

and one more for a sweet little boy in my life:

I was extremely lucky to snap up the lovely book below, 
traces II, from Lotta Helleberg

I hope you have enjoyed my Advent 'B' Day - while I await the arrival of my newest grandBaby.

wonders on our morning walk



deanna7trees said...

beautiful books. nice to have them to look through and dream. i just made a couple of small ones with watercolor pages from an online class.

Teodo said...

Fantastic Judy.
ciao linda

Connie Rose said...

All great books, Judy!

Jeannie said...

Judy, your books are gorgeous! I know a certain little man who is going to be so pleased with the book Mimi made. xoxo

Terrie said...

Very very beautiful binding books, particularly with eco prints. A touch of love.

Carol said...

Just love them, Judy! The Eco prints are beautiful, the bindings very nice and the book for Charlie is a delight. xxx