Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Eggnog, Elves, Evergreens, & Embroidery

One of my oldest memories is of Christmas Eggnog.  My Dad would make up individual glasses, and even as a child, I was allowed an occasional sip....and I loved it!  For some strange reason, I recall that it was my Swedish Nana, Augusta, who shared with me most often.....ah, another sweet memory for another time!

and what is eggnog without freshly grated nutmeg on the top?  I know that is of utmost importance to me!  Here's a link to an eggnog recipe from a cute blog called Six Drinks Too Many - isn't that a great name! 

And what would Christmas be without the Elves?  I think we're all becoming a bit like Santa's Elves right now, scurrying around, finding just that perfect gift for each and every person on our list.  I am knitting up a storm, and realize - once again - that I should have started all of this in July!
Here's a little elf that would be perfect for our 2-year-old grandson

The tradition of hanging evergreens in the home is not a new one.  Ancient people from around the world believed that the greenery would ward off evil spirits and ill health.  

Martin Luther is said to have decorated the first Christmas tree way back in the 1500s.  Legend has it that he was walking in the woods at night, composing his sermon.  He was so taken by the appearance of an evergreen tree shining in the moonlight, that he went home, cut down a small tree, brought it into the house and decorated it with candles.  

When I think of Christmas, I often think of the lovely embroidered linens and ornaments.

Here are some cute little gloves that were easily embellished with embroidered snowflakes:

And I love this hand-embroidered St. Nick ornament

Wild Olive has a lot of cute embroidery on her blog, including some for Christmas

Thanks for dropping by.  While I can't show you any of my hand-dyes and eco prints right now, I'm having fun sharing an alphabetical Advent with you. 


daybreak over the city: 12-5-12


Jeannie said...

I love your evergreens. Are they painted, stamped, ???. I have never liked eggnog. Yep, I am a weird one, Mr. Grinch! LOL! Hope your day is sunny and full of joy. xoxo

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I've never tasted eggnog. Perhaps it's on time ;-)

Carol said...

I'd never tasted eggnog until I went to work in the Australian Museum. There they had a tradition of eggnog at Christmas and was it an amazing concoction! I was hooked at the first sip. I'll check out your recipe. Love that evergreen card - the trees are just as I imagine Christmas trees should be. xox

Anonymous said...
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