Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Newest Arrival

As you may have guessed from my absence in the Blogosphere, our newest grandchild arrived in the wee hours last Saturday morning, December 8, 2012.  Margaret Livingston Curylo made her debut at 12:33 AM, tipping the scales at a hefty 7 lb. 5.6 oz, and measuring 19 1/2" long.  

We kept her big brother Charlie, now 2, for the weekend, and delivered him home on Sunday afternoon, shortly after his parents and 'Baby Maggie' arrived. 

I spent yesterday (Monday) and last night there with them, offering up an extra pair of hands wherever needed.  Maggie and I had a good long chat last evening, as she hadn't done much sleeping her first night at home, and everyone needed some rest - especially her parents!  She was an angel, sleeping through the night except for one feeding.  Big Brother Charlie did even better: sleeping until almost 10 this morning!

My two grandchildren were gracious enough to allow me to take these two photos before I headed home.

Charlie is a wonderful big brother: very gentle and caring.  He was trying to show Maggie how to operate his 'excavator' - she didn't seem too interested.



deanna7trees said...

oh so precious. congratulations to you and your family.

imquilternity said...

Yippee!! Oh, she is so cute and soooo tiny! Newborns just seem so delicate, don't they? Looks like a wonderful little family and you are such a lucky grandmother! :)

Gerrie said...

Love the photos of them together - very sweet. She is a healthy one, eh?

Connie said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful :)
Looks like her big brother thinks so, too.
Connie :)

Jeannie said...

I too love the photo of the two together, especially the one with Charlie sharing. Glad everyone got some sleep. Maggie is so darn beautiful. xoxo

Amanda said...

Lets get together in the new year !

Beverly said...

Congratulations to you and the family- she is beautiful!! Maggie and Charlie look just precious together--

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Congratulaitions Grandma!
The weitgh and length is mumbo jumbo for me. Can't find any good transformer on the net.
Could it be about 3400 gram and about 51 centimeter tall/long?
XO Eva

Judy said...

I have not idea how to convert the measurements either. All I can tell you is Maggie is about normal in size for a little girl, perhaps a bit shorter and lighter in weight. Kristin was just a bit larger at birth, and Charlie was almost exactly the same size as Kristin.


Elizabeth said...

Oh YIPPPPEEEE!!! Judy has a grand daughter!! What a lucky little girl to have such wonderful grand parents!!!!!!
The top pic of Maggie on the couch with charlie reminds me so much of my Matthew and Becca- but they were 5 years apart and on the 17th of this month Rebecca will be 16 and next month Matt will be 21 YIKES!! Care to trade??? their parents might object!!!! have a wonderful , but busy Christmas with the most wonderful gifts imaginable!!!!! Big Hugs!

Carol said...

Oh Judy, aren't they both just so beautiful! How wonderful to have two little ones for this Christmas! Much love to you all. xox And to the big white and black boys. xox

Teodo said...

Congratulation nonna (grandma). ciao Linda