Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Rainy Day in Georgia

A perfect day to do some stitching,
listen to a good book,
and drink a cup of tea - or two.

Above is a new piece that I started 
some slow work on just yesterday.
I've finished "Stage Two",
but the light isn't good enough to
photograph it today.
Here's a newer detail shot

I've added some beads
(look carefully, there in the center)
and tons of French Knots,
which I love!

Here's a view from my sewing room window

We are under a tornado watch for most of the day,
but I think that we have been lucky,
and dodged a bullet.

Hope you are well in your little corner of the world.
Thanks for stopping by!



Connie Rose said...

Love what you're doing there, Judy. Been thinking about you, hope all is well. Stay in touch. xoxo

Jeannie said...

Love the beads and French knots. Your weather looks similar to ours sans tornado warnings. :) I am sitting and stitching, too. I ventured out to rake away some mulch from the bulbs peeking up. I know too well that winter isn't over, but being outside was delightful.

Carol said...

Your weather looks like ours at the moment, cloudy, rainy but our trees have leaves. Your beading and French knots are wonderful. xox