Friday, February 01, 2013

Dyeing for Maggie

I've finally decided on the design 
for Maggie's wallhanging!
That was the hardest part of the entire process.
Since our kids chose not to learn her gender
until she was born,
I wanted to wait to make something for her room.

So now I've begun dyeing some of the fabric
that will go into her piece.
I'll be using jewel tones,
as her parents have chosen 
not to dress her all in pinks.

I replaced my very old Waxmelter Batik Pen
with a new model,
as I had totally abused and over-used my first one.

I went crazy drawing lots of circles.
My new waxmelter pen was accompanied 
by a page of instructions -
either the first one had the same page
and I didn't read it,
or the instructions are new!
Anyway, one of the pointers was to slightly turn
the pen on its side
in order to make thicker lines.
(if you turn it to far, you pour the hot wax on your fabric -
NOT a good thing!)
I also found that holding the pen in place for a bit longer
made for thicker lines.
I don't want my circles to be perfect -
wonky is far better, in my book, anyway!

I had also sawed off a segment 
of one of last summer's swimming pool noodles,
and tried dipping it in the hot wax:

.....not such a great idea!
It pretty much disintegrated.
So, I'll go back to using the
trusty old car wash sponges,
that I can carve into crazy shapes.

Stay tuned for progress on this piece!

I can't resist adding the next two pics:

Maggie at 7 weeks

Charlie in his new shades and haircut



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pics of your sweet grandkids.
Maggie has already her own personality and Charlie looks very cool in his new shades and haircut.


Gerrie said...

The dude and the babe!! Love it.

Jeannie said...

Oh boy! A new toy to lust for and pictures of the Grand Cherubs, although Charlie looks more like he is "hanging with his peeps", but still cherubic. :) I love that green that you are using and the wonky circles are so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

Connie said...

Hi Judy, Well, you are making beautiful art as usual . . . and your grandchildren are adorable.
Like you needed me to tell you that, LOL.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Carol said...

Judy, adorable pics of Maggie and Charlie, as always. Lucky Maggie to be getting a fabulous Judy original wall hanging. Love the circles! xox

Elizabeth said...

The pool noodles work great in soy wax however!! Love that pen thing! Maggie is a doll and Charlie is Joe Cool!!!