Monday, February 04, 2013

February Flowers

I had only about an hour of 
time for art yesterday.
I enjoy sketching and painting flowers from my garden -
and in the winter months there are very few 
from which to choose.
But my Hellebores are my all-time favorites.
They are first to bloom,
their colors are incredible,
they spread like crazy,
and all are gifts from gardening friends.
I cherish the memory of one particular friend,
and recall vividly the day he delivered a box of 
his Hellebore babies to my doorstep.
He knew that he was bestowing a most appreciated
and much loved gift upon me.
He has since passed,
but his memory and his flowers live on.
Bless You, Lou!



Jeannie said...

My Hellebores are from my Gram's house. They have adapted to our dry climate and have scattered all through the garden and have been gifted into the neighborhood and beyond. They have not budged from their winter's sleep here. I went and pruned off the blackened leaves this weekend and saw a few nubs waiting to pop. Your painting captured the beauty of the flower so well. Did you know you can cut them for vases? You need to singe the cut end a bit, like for poppies, and they will last a long time as a cut flower. Enjoy!

Nat Palaskas said...

Such sweet memory of friend to lives on. Your sketching is gorgeous. You play with color well and those white patches added depth - Hugs Nat

Peggy said...

Judy, this lovely painting gives me hope! I've been catching up with all your makings here -- I love the beautiful cardigan color -- and the mittens do look sort of hard but they are great! Also the piece Second Stage and its story are touching. Been there, I wish I would've started something then that I could still be working on now -- as a sort of connection. Have a great week, Judy! xx

Carol said...

I have one green hellebore that my father had in his garden and I've transplanted it here, and for my birthday I was given another. I really should try to get some coloured ones but I suspect that we don't get enough cold weather to make them thrive and the good old green ones are all I can hope for. Love your painting!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely!! Pass along plants are the very best!! I need to find some friends with some hellebores to share. All the ones that see in the catalogs, that I like are so $$$$$.