Saturday, February 02, 2013

City Living

We've been enjoying a couple of days of R&R
at our little condo in the city.
We walked to dinner at Lure and then onto
 the Symphony the other evening.
We were so impressed with the performance of
Violinist Vilde Frang,
accompanied by the ASO.
Frang is only 25 years old,
but plays like a seasoned veteran.
WOW, what a treat!

Meanwhile, I'm knitting away
(not at the concert!).
I finished the first of the 
"Mittens for the Fishermen"
for my dear C.
I should rename these 
"Mittens for the Dogwalker",
as C is not a fisherman!

I love the pattern (found on Ravelry, if you are interested),
and have enjoyed learning how to knit in the round
on two circular needles.
This technique had me baffled -
I mean, just the concept! -
until I found Cat Bordhi's wonderful 
YouTube video.
Cat has a way of demystifying most knitting techniques!
So, one more mitt to go!
I'm also still enjoying knitting on my Featherweight Cardigan -
another Hannah Fettig design
which allows me to 'knit in public'
without too much thought or effort.
It is presently my car knitting
and my knitting at my knit group.
The yarn is Sundara's Fingering Silky Merino,
such a pleasure to run through my fingers!
Sleeve number one is just about completed.

Yesterday was blustery and cold here in the city,
so we stuck close to home -
walking to a lovely late lunch at 
(shared Caesar Salad, their wonderful bread, and shared
Cuore di Zucca, pasta stuffed with butternut squash).
We took in the 
last evening at Midtown Arts.
We always enjoy seeing them prior to the Academy Awards.
That said, I must admit that I prefer the animated shorts,
but our timing wasn't right for their viewing.

thanks for stopping by
have a lovely weekend!



Jeannie said...

I always feel like Sunbonnet Sue or the Country Mouse when you describe your Atlanta days. :) While in Seattle, I got a taste of being in the city again and was surprised at how much I had missed it. Love the mitten for C and the blue of the sweater is gorgeous. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Connie said...

Hi Judy . . . I love that your hands are always busy and that your mind is always on creating beautiful things. You are amazing.
Thank you for sharing.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Carol said...

I can't imagine being cold enough to wear mittens though I think the heat is dulling my memory. The blue is gorgeous! You are clever. I know I keep saying that but it's so true. XOX