Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mixed Media, for sure

remember this?
It's the photo of the plastic bag in my trash barrel,
 covered with wet print paste
that I posted back here

I loved its look so much
that I ended up saving the plastic bag,
knowing that it would one day come in handy...
and today was the day!

Jeannie and I discussed how 
I would transfer the dyes to fabric,
and I thought I had the perfect plan.
I was painting large sheets of watercolor paper
in my studio this afternoon.
I italicized painting because I was really just
dripping, smearing, and stamping the watercolors 
onto the paper.

I spotted the print paste laden plastic bag
and decided today was the day!
My spray bottle of water was nearby,
so I simply soaked a sheet of watercolor paper,
laid the plastic bag face down on top of it, 
and pressed with my hands.
(I had a brayer handy, but the hands worked just fine.)

detail shot

This is how it looked while wet.
I'll show you dry images tomorrow.

Here's another piece that I played around with:

This next picture tickles me the very most:

If you don't already know,
this is our grandson Charlie, at his easel.
(His Mom just sent me this pic.)
When Charlie was born (he is a big boy of 2 years+ now),
my friend Jane Dunnewold told me that I should start him on art
I did, who argues with Jane Dunnewold?
He was holding a paint brush at 6 months,
and making some wonderful marks.
Look at him now!!!
We gave him this easel for his 2nd birthday,
and he loves it.
Of course I love that he loves it,
but I also love that even when I'm not around,
his parents encourage him (or perhaps he asks?)
to make art!




Jeannie said...

You don't know how much this post made me smile! Mimi AND Charlie in their respective studios! I am so glad you tried the bag on watercolor paper. I have been thinking about it alot. I was worried that without a black base, the colors would appear weak. NO! I love it!!! I also really like your dribbles. :) Perhaps Charlie can paint some pages for your next book binding foray. Have a happy!

Ginny Huber said...

Hi Judy: Have been remiss about blogs lately..or anyway not looking them pr posting but wanted to catch up with them and yours is always a joy! Love seeing charlie at his easel; gives me an idea for our bambina's 2nd birthday coming up next month; she loves to draw and use maybe a paintbrush is next!

Carol said...

I can't believe how long it is since I read some blogs. Too long. These prints are quite lovely, proves you should never throw anything away. And the photo of Charlie is darling. An artist in the making, though how could he be anything else with such a grandmother!

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant!!! Are you sure we are not sisters???? Love what CHarlie is up to with your help and love and his parents are great to let him have a go when you are not around!! GOOD FOR THEM!!!