Thursday, March 21, 2013

Child's Play

We use cloth napkins
at our house.....
and I generally make my own.

I recently made these.
They're very simple,
but very fun -
don't you think?
Today I finally got around to washing and ironing them -
and I love them!

Our grandchildren are moving closer to us,
and I think that they will enjoy them as well.

Charlie already knows his colors,
but of course Baby Maggie,
at a little over three months,
does not.
Won't she have fun learning the primary colors
as she eats!

And the occasional intersections of color
will give Charlie a great way
 to learn his secondary colors.

These really were fun to make!

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you!!


Jeannie said...

Love them!

Connie Rose said...

How fun. They're really special! xo

Jane LaFazio said...

you make you're own napkins? very impressive!! do you hem them? tell us more.