Friday, March 22, 2013

Circle Time

Yesterday got filled up
with other things
calling my name,
so I only had time to make one more 12" 
recycled circle.
Because my arcs are not 'arc-like',
I recognize that it is easy for me to find
more fun things to do with my time.
(It was very nice of Eva to leave such a wonderful comment -
and that has helped me get over my performance anxiety!
Thank you Eva!)
After making my second block,
I rewarded myself by doing the stitching
on my first block!
Am I the only person who works this way????
Well, the stitching is waaaay fun...
so now I can't wait to make more circles!

Here is my second circle,

Happy Friday everyone!

peace to you


Jeannie said...

The stitching really makes the fabric POP! I really like what you are creating and I know Maggie will love it. Yes, I work that way, too. It is the eat your vegetables before your desert lesson from childhood. :) Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend!

Connie Rose said...

I'm loving this. Who cares if it's not quite circular? xo