Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Dyeing - naturally!

I had never tried
eco dyeing Easter Eggs.
I think everyone else I know in the whole wide world
has dyed Easter Eggs with onion skins...
have you?
Well, I had not,so
today was the day!

I loaded a bunch of red onion skins,
courtesy of our CSA farmer friend,
into my big aluminum kettle,
simmered them for a while,
strained some of the 'liquor'
into another smaller pot,
added a dollop of vinegar
and then:

I snipped a few ferns from our garden
and gently pressed them against the egg
with a bit of panty hose
tied off the ends,
and added them to the pot.

I think the color would have been a bit more pleasing
had I not left them in the bath so long,
but I wanted to make sure I got some color,
and they just didn't look 
that dark.

I do love how they turned out,
but I will not bathe them as long
next year.

I also dyed some without any leaf resist,
and used both gold and white ink
to decorate these.
Here they all are:

thanks for stopping by!



Betty Eilat said...

Beautiful Judy! Happy Easter.

Connie Rose said...

They're fabulous! I haven't done this yet either, ever.

Jeannie said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I'll take a dozen, deviled of course. :)

Peggy said...

Judy, they turned out beautifully. I REALLY like the color -- more earthy... xo

Eva Hagbjärn said...

This remembers me about when my children were small. We dyed our Easter egges exactly like you have done. To get them bright and shiny you can rub the eggs with bacon/pork belly.
Your eggs are lovely :)


Art Quill Studio said...

Gorgeous !

Happy Easter Judy.

~*~Patty S said...

These are fabulous!
Great idea to use ink resist...I used crayons last year but got excited this year and just used greenery

Carol said...

Beautiful colours, Judy! Love both kinds. oxo