Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Field Trip

My friend Claudia (of book-binding fame)
and I took a trip to Tandy Leather today.
What fun!
I had never been to a leather shop before,
so this was a totally new experience for me.
Claudia has made a number of books
with leather covers,
and she has been commissioned to do a new one,
so our trip did have a purpose.
I will also make at least one leather book,
and want to try my hand at naturally dyeing some leather.

As you can see,
there was plenty to choose from,

including these hides,
which remind me of poodles!

I chose some of this lovely red

for my book.
It is buttery soft.

Tandy also has loads of kits
for making all sorts of
leather goods

from belts

Since I'm not a pistol-packin' Mama,
I'll stick to the occasional book cover for now!



Jeannie said...

What fun! I love the feel of leather. One of my best friends has an ancient leather couch that feels like an old catcher's mitt to sit in - cradles you and feels like butter. Looking forward to seeing your book and the eco dyed leather. Have fun!

Connie Rose said...

Sorry to be a pest...but leather comes from cows. Personally I am not at all keen on books bound with leather. :(

Nat Palaskas said...

That looks like a great shop. I've never dyed with leather before so please share with us when you are done. I did make a book using leather cover - Have fun Judy - Hugs Nat

Carol said...

Just dee-licious, Judy! xox