Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Chronicle of Kindness

My friend Jane LaFazio 
announced on her blog in mid January
that she was releasing a new dvd
that would walk the viewer through her fabulous
Recycled Circles technique.
Not only was Interweave offering Jane's dvd for sale,
but one could also purchase and download the dvd
to one's computer immediately.
I jumped at the chance!
I adore Jane:
I have taken many classes from her,
both online and in person.
She is a gem of a person,
a fabulous teacher,
and her color and design sense are impeccable.....
and let's not get started on her adorable husb!
(And she has also taught me to sketch 
and paint watercolors.
I'm a work in progress,
and I appreciate her patience and encouragement!)

Long story short,
after downloading her dvd,
my download had several glitches.
It would stop and never restart.
I emailed Interweave,
it took forever to receive a response,
and then their quick fix did not work.
I emailed them again,
and waited forever for another response.
In the meantime, Jane posted more info on her blog
about her new dvd.
I left a comment, 
mentioning my problem.
Jane was kind enough to contact Interweave herself,
and within days (4, to be exact!)
I had her dvd in my hot little hands! 

So now I am all set to make the wallhanging 
for my little granddaughter Maggie,
using my own hand-dyed fabrics

(and a few from Luana Rubin),
and Jane's Recycled Circles.
Only problem is:
we are leaving for a week at the beach tomorrow!

But when I return, all rested and ready to go,
so will be my fabrics and my new dvd!

Jane posts her Kindness Chronicle 
on the first Sunday of each month.
It is very refreshing,
and always causes me to think of the times
when I could have (should have) been a bit kinder.
Jane truly walks the walk...
and I love her for it!



Jeannie said...

As you know, I too am a huge Jane fan and so glad you finally are able to watch the dvd. I have had problems with downloads too, and finally just buy the dvd. Love the fabrics you have picked out for Maggie's quilt. Have fun at the beach!!!!!! (I'll try not to be too envious. :D)

Carol said...

Yes, downloads don't always work, though I do like having them on the iPad for reading in the train. Enjoy the beach, take lots of photos please. xox

Elizabeth said...

Off to the beach!! With the grands?? have a fabulous time!! I am using my own rif on Jane's Circles for my Love IT Forward hearts ( my first series!! ), that I just posted about on my blog! And I have used many of my own hand dyed fabrics and sun prints and gobs of hand stitch. I have been very anxious to take a class with Jane - timing has never been right not the place actually! i do love her work! Love your palette for Maggie's quilt, can't wait to watch you make it!!

Jane LaFazio said...

Thank YOU sweet Judy, for the loving post. I'm really sorry it took so long to get that DVD to you...especially since, as you said, you must own every one I make---or else! :-)
Really, that's for the kind post...