Sunday, March 10, 2013


We are at the beach!
I don't think C and I have ever taken
a beach vacation alone before...
it is splendid and decadent!

The home we have rented is awesome -
right on the Gulf
with two huge porches
overlooking the ocean, 
and loads of comfy chairs all over the place.

I made a bit of a collection from our early morning walk:

I am doing some eco dyeing and printing
using sea water as my mordant,
so the local leaves are a great find.
They have been bathed in the sea water too
so I'm hoping that makes them print even better!

The shells are the beginning of a collection for Jeannie,
my left coast buddy.

There is a wonderful outdoor shower,
and this lovely rusted piece was hanging in there.
I have borrowed it,
and am printing some cotton with it.
It already looks great -
after only a few hours!

Barker is totally enjoying the warmth of the sun:

I've been knitting a good bit today:
put the finishing touches on two sweaters,
(Hannah Fettig's "Featherweight and also her "Yoked Cardigan")
and also worked on this one:

(that's Hannah there in the photo on the link!)
my colorway is "lupine" -
I love it!
I really enjoy Hannah's top down, 
relatively seamless sweaters...
can you tell?

Last night's sunset was pretty incredible:

We had just arrived,
barely unpacked,
and got the boys out on the beach for a nice walk.
What a reward!!

Hope you had a wonderfully decadent weekend too!



Jeannie said...

You are too kind to collect sea shells for me. I only wish I was there to walk along the beach with you. :) Love the Trail Jacket pattern. You may convert me to knitting sweater. Have fun in the sun!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Looks wonderful. Just what I would need right now. Vacation!!


Peggy said...

Oh, that purple yarn looks delicious! I've been looking for a 3/4 sleeve sweater pattern and this one is now in the running so thanks, Judy. Really want to knit or sew something that actually fits me, for a change. Sigh.

Seeing your beach photos is relaxing in itself. xo

Carol said...

How lovely! Looks like heaven to me. You, C and the boys! Perfect! xox