Friday, April 26, 2013


My friend Connie Rose
had an interesting blog post
last weekend.
She was writing about Dina Wakley's 
Art Journal Freedom book.
Wakley was using spray ink dyes
in her art journal,
as was Connie,
and the color was fabulous.
I don't often work out of a journal,
(although I know I should take the time to do so),
but I wanted to give this technique a try.
I researched the inks that were used,
and not wanting to spend all that much money
on inks that I would use very infrequently,
I decided to try the technique by spraying Procion MX dyes,
of which I have an abundance.

So above you see my first two layers of dye,
using a gingko leaf stencil.
I loved how it looked,
so I then added a third layer of dye.

I apologize for the poor quality of the images,
but I was in my studio and the sun was setting.

I was so enthused by this,
that of course the 'what if' question was racing through my mind.
*** What if (?), why not(?)on fabric. ***
So, I grabbed some cotton and some silk.

This is on cotton:

I love the etherial effect, don't you?

and here it is on silk:

 I didn't always have the best control of my sprayer,
and I often flipped my stencil 
(hence the little drippy drops - which I adore!)
to give a ghost.

I think there is a definite future for this technique!

thanks so much for stopping by!

hope you have a very happy weekend

peace to you!


Connie Rose said...

Looks good, Judy! Why the heck not!

Jeannie said...

Aha! The mad scientist experimenting again! I love the results. Of course, you had me at gingko leaves. Did you thicken the dyes? Have a wonderful weekend! xo

sonja said...

lovely gingko leaves.
"what if"is just the best question to ask oneself when arting!

Carol said...

Gorgeous! Especially on the silk. I see great things afoot! xox