Sunday, April 21, 2013

Family Matters Down on the Farm

Our friends Bill and Judy, pictured at left,
have a wonderful farm 
(called "Oh What a View Farm").
They raise sheep and chickens,
have a wonderful vegetable garden,
husband fabulous raspberries and blueberries,
and also have an amazing flower garden
(including a gorgeous Lilac, which is unheard of in Georgia!)

Judy is a member of my knitting group
(she dyes the wool from her sheep,
using natural dyes, 
and then knits it up into amazing creations).
A few weeks ago she invited Charlie
out to see her baby lambs
(we were picking up a dozen very fresh eggs from her,
at the time!).

It just so happens that two of the lambs
must be bottle-fed,
and Judy very thoughtfully coordinated that bottle feeding
with Charlie's nap schedule,
just so he could help feed the babies!

It was a magical time at
Oh What a View Farm!

Charlie's cousin, Julia,
is doing a school project
and needs to have her "Flat Stanley" cutout
exposed to many different experiences.
So we were trying to involve Flat Stanley 
in as many shots as possible.

He's quite the gregarious chap,
don't you think?
But seriously, check out that lamb
chowing down on the bottle!

Then Flat Stanley visited the chicken coop.
Sorry I don't have better pictures here,
but these were taken mostly for Julia!

Judy and Bill have a Great Pyrenees
named Toby
who protects their flock.
Toby loves children
and was in Seventh Heaven when Charlie showed up!

I think Bill told me that they have 150 bluebird boxes
on their farm
(he built them all himself -
he is an amazing woodturner too!).
All of the houses are now occupied
and have babies!

It was an amazing visit to
Oh What a View Farm!
Thanks Judy & Bill!

every time I write a non fiber-related post
one reader unsubscribes.
It is so frustrating!!!
I challenge you fiber junkies
to stay with me until tomorrow...
after all, I photographed sheep 
and they yield wool, right?!!

thanks for dropping by

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

LOL! You know I'll be back. What a great experience for Charlie and Flat Stanley. Toby is a beautiful dog, but boy is he ever big. Charlie could ride him as a horse. I love visiting farms and so glad Charlie and Kristin got to go with you.

Anna said...

Hugs to you and your family Judy! Love the Pictures, kram!

Carol said...

Wonderful photos, Judy dear! Happy Charlie, well travelled Flat Stanley and a HUGE and gorgeous dog. What a lovely day for you and Kristin. xox