Monday, April 15, 2013

Sugary Sweet

I've been playing with sugar syrup resist again.
Lisa Kerpoe's book,
offers many wonderful resists,
in case you are looking for the perfect one.
In the above photo,
I layered two pieces of cotton
one on top of the other.
This image is from the bottom layer.
I so love it!

Speaking of loving,
our Spring has sprung,
and it couldn't be lovelier!
Here are a few shots that I snapped
just this afternoon,
in my garden.

my new Cotinus tree has leafed out

the fiddleheads are unfurling

wild phlox is blooming

wood poppies are opening

and then there are those 
Solomon's Seals!

my azaleas are popping

My thoughts and prayers are with
the victims,
their families,
and the rescue personnel
in the Boston Marathon bombing.

let there be peace


Jeannie said...

The cloth is gorgeous!!! Absolutely stunning! It is like the sun reflecting off of water. Wow! (Do you think I like it? LOL!) We are about 3 weeks early in the spring flowering dept. and all of the plants you listed are blooming here, except the azaleas. They don't like the soil, so I gave up. Have a wonderful rest of the week. (Today, I think we are all Bostonians. I have walked along that street so many times. It breaks my heart that such a joyous event for so many was marred.)

Carol said...

Oh Judy, such a sad day. Woke to the news from Boston, can't believe it. Yes, thoughts and prayers for all.

Your blue sugar resist is wonderful! And your spring garden is a delight. I haven't seen the wood poppy before - what a stunning yellow. Is it related to buttercups or is it a true poppy? Gorgeous, whatever...

Terrie said...

Beautiful blue dyeing and pretty spring flowers. I can see the ambience of your spring, full of life !

Carol said...

Yellow poppy is Stylophorum diphyllum and produces yellow latex - would this be another colour for dying? Or eco printing? Just wondering. Such a glorious yellow...