Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweater Weather

A cold front blew through
the state last evening,
and we have been gifted with sweater weather once more.
Little Maggie is a bit overwhelmed
in her Cradle Cardi,
which I knit for her a month or so ago.

We are in the city for the weekend -
and it is glorious!
Midtown is hopping
with both the Dogwood Festival
This is one of my favorites:

We walk the dogs past these lovely old homes
every day when we are at the condo,
as the residential district is just one block away.
So, it is truly wonderful
that some of the neighborhood folks open up their 
 residences each Spring.
The homes are such treasures,
and proceeds are "reinvested in the neighborhood, 
contributing to programs designed to enhance 
safety, cleanliness, educational opportunities, 
walkability and community".

thanks for dropping by
I hope you are having a lovely weekend too



Gerrie said...

What a cutie that Maggie is!! Paige is still wearing the sweater I gave her in October!!

Have a great week-end.

Congrats on the Sacred Threads entry.

Carol said...

Oh, isn't Maggie just gorgeous? I love the big cardi, and what a great colour! So nice you get to see the big houses, very generous of the owners. I am having a lovely weekend, a couple of days in Sydney (the Big Smoke) to clear the head and now home again to see the wonderful little kidlets. It's a good life. xox

Jeannie said...

Maggie is so pretty! The smile of hers just melts my heart. I love the color of the cardi and it looks like she does too. The tour sounds wonderful. I'd have to wear a bib to keep all my "drool" in check. I love old homes and walking neighborhoods. Have fun!