Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fiber ARTlanta

I was really pleased and honored
to be invited to participate in Fiber ARTlanta,
an exhibit sponsored by SEFAA,
the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance.
A portion of my piece "Letters Home 1970"
is on the left in the postcard collage above.
We attended the opening on Friday evening,
and it was nice to connect with friends, both old and new,
and to view some very exciting pieces.

My SAQA friend Ruth Ann Yax had two pieces on exhibit.
This is her piece "Circles"
based on a class she took with Robbi Joy Eklow:

and this is "Celebration",
and original design:

My photos do not do justice to either of these
beautiful pieces.

I loved studying the pieces by Linda DeMars:

again, my photo does not do justice to her incredible work.
Linda employs hooking, crochet and needle felting
in these two pieces.

A detail shot of the piece in the foreground,
so you may appreciate Linda's fine work:

and here is the background piece:

These are two pieces in Linda's series,
"What My Feet See",
which is about the intersection of the natural 
and man-made world.
very, very interesting!

I was delighted to see the work of Lucinda Carlstrom,
and look forward to learning more about her,
and possibly spending a bit of time with her.

You have seen these pieces before,
but here they are on display:

"Letters Home 1970"

"Letters Home 1917"

"Pickled Beets and Cherry Pits"

I loved the lighting on "Letters Home 1970" -
it really showed off the iridescent threads I had
used for quilting!

thanks for popping in!

peace to you!


Gerrie said...

Oh, wow! Your work looks stunning hanging there. I love fiber art shows as opposed to quilt art shows - so much variety and ingenuity and creativity.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous!!! Your art looks fantastic. The show looks fabulous and so very interesting. Woo Hoo!

Carol said...

Dearest Judy - How lovely to see your beautiful work hanging there! Just such a thrill for you, and well deserved. It has been a joy watching your art progressing, and not only your art, but your confidence in your ability. xxooxx

Peggy said...

Congratulations, girlfriend! xoxo

Eva said...

Your work will be looking great among these pieces, I'm sure. And it is worth to be shown!