Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I finished "MaggieVille" yesterday.
It is a purely whimsical wallhanging
for our new granddaughter Maggie.
I hope she will enjoy the bright colors.
This quilt is based on Rayna Gillman's new book
"Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts",
and I've used the techniques she taught 
in the class I took with her in Atlanta last month.
I had a ball making this piece -
the stripping was really fun,
dyeing the background fabric was also a blast,
and the straight-line quilting allowed me quiet time
to listen to a book and several 
of my favorite podcasts.

Here are a couple of detail shots:

I've always loved hot air balloons
(riding in them is a treat -
if you haven't tried it, do!)
so I thought it would be fun to add this one.
I did a little chain stitch embroidery
with some of my hand-dyed floss, 
as you can see.

Airplanes have been a 
huge factor in our lives,
so MaggieVille couldn't be without one:

If you look closely,
(this image can be enlarged)
you will see that Maggie's big brother Charlie
is the pilot.
His two passengers are
Grace and Julia,
Maggie and Charlie's cousins.

Speaking of Charlie,
we went for a ride out in the country this morning.
Our destination was Full Bloom Nursery -
my all-time favorite!
We saw deer, cows, horses, goats, and sheep
on our ride - 
not to mention tons of barns, pastures, and tractors.

Here's Charlie with our purchases:

We took a ride in the canoe
after our afternoon nap -
it was a bit breezy,
but we needed to go inspect all of the 'sliders'
on the logs.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you!


Jeannie said...

Maggie's quilt is so cute! I love the faces in the plane. She will treasure this forever. I could get into so much trouble at that nursery. I love the painted urns. What is the large leaf plant in your cart? Rhubarb? Charlie - a boy after my own heart. We called the spiders that lived on the logs - skeeters. :) Thanks for sharing your day. It looked wonderful.

Gerrie said...

Really cute and something that is not babyish so will be a keeper and yet she can enjoy the color and graphic quality of it now!!

Peggy said...

Oh Judy, I bet Maggie's quilt was fun to make all right, it is such a happy piece. The colors, the cool piecing, and the sweet details -- I love this totally and completely. xo

Marianne said...

Quilt magnifique, très joyeux

Carol Stearns said...

Thank you for posting this. I want to do a city scape wall hanging for a guild challenge and want the buildings to look something like this. So I printed it off as a guide. Thanks.

Carol said...

I really thought I'd replied to this - maybe not. The MaggieVille is just so beautiful, she'll love it even more when she's older. Charlie gets more adorable with every photo!