Monday, May 13, 2013

The Merry Month of May

May is my favorite month!
We have a family tradition
that during one's birthday month,
he or she is treated rather royally.
I do love that!
And not only is my birthday this month,
but also Mothers Day is celebrated 
here in the States.
So it's a double whammy for me!

I chose to eat at the Lawrence
on Saturday night.
It is catty-corner to our little Midtown condo,
so not only do they serve yummy food, 
but it is oh so convenient.
It is small and intimate,
and we've gotten to know the friendly staff,
so it is like dining with family.
I chose their incredible mussels

...not a morsel left behind!

I'm knitting away on my 
(designed by Courtney Kelley)
and I LOVE it.

I had a difficult time getting started,
but once I figured out the pattern,
it's been a breeze.
The yarn is Tundra Taiga
by the Fibre Company,
and it is a delight:
60% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool AND 10% Silk..
so you know it is soft on the hands.
It's a great little project to take along
in the car, or to knitting group,
 even while watching a baseball game,
or listening to a recorded book.
And it will be fun to wear!

Hope your May is also (ALL SO) Merry!

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imquilternity said...

Happy Birthday! May is my husband's birthday month too and I think it's a great month. Since it's only half over you've got a lot of time to celebrate left, right? :)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

May is also my favorite month and we celebrate Mother's Day the 26th this year.

Kram Eva

Carol said...

This is my birthday eve and I'm listening to our Treasurer give his annual budget speech. I can think of better things to do. Tomorrow Eddie & I will have a celebratory picnic in the garden. I'd like a bowl of those mussels - they look delicious but maybe I'll have to wait for that.

Dear Judy, I love that we share a birthday month! xox

Judy McCarthy said...

What a great idea- being treated Royally for a whole Birthday Month!