Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Wrap Up

Our class with Elin Noble at Arrowmont
finished yesterday afternoon.
It was sad to leave everyone -
so some of us headed down the hill to Jose's
for celebratory and good-bye libations.
Jose did not disappoint!

After dinner, several of us gathered
 in the second floor lounge at Hughes.
I did a bit of knitting,
others read emails,
but most of all we just laughed 
and chatted about our great class.
Then the sandman called,
and we all headed off to bed.

During class yesterday,
Elin did a few demos and then 
we puttered around doing whatever techniques we wished,
with Elin circulating amiably.
The photo I've posted above is of some of the work 
done in our class during the week.
Not bad, huh?

My table was not next to the hanging wall,
so I had my own display board.
Here are a few of my pieces:

this is a potato dextrin resist piece
that I did on linen which I had dyed
at home:

More classmate photos....
this is Holly:

and this is Tommie:

It seemed that I couldn't catch a few folks 
sans respirators,
so forgive me for these shots!
This is Caryl:

Here's Emily (and friend?)

Another shot of Holly, 
joined by Vernon, who was our fabulous class assistant!

Vernon was busy helping ALL of us ALL the time -
and so kind and friendly.
I loved getting to know him -
he had such a great sense of humor.

And this is Ricky,
who did some amazing t-shirts:

and last, but certainly not least,
Claudia: my partner in crime:

Claudia is an accomplished bookmaker and came into this class 
not knowing much at all about what we were going to do,
but caught on very quickly,
and went home with beautiful silk discharged
for both a jacket and a vest!
Very focused and productive!

And this is Elin -
always smiling,
always calm and kind,
and so full of information!

I regret not having photos of Diane and Mim.
Sorry ladies!

I loved my week at Arrowmont,
and cannot wait to return!

thanks for dropping by!
Peace to you!


Jeannie said...

WOW!!! What more can I say? LOL!

Beverly said...

Judy, you have some beautiful pieces there. You're making me antsy for the discharge class I'm taking from Carol Soderlund in September! Any recommendations of dyeing I should do before the class?

deanna7trees said...

sounds like it was grand. beautiful results.

Maggi said...

Fantastic results. Looks like it was a class well worth taking

occisus said...

After reading your description I felt as if I were there. Oh wait,I was there!


Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

I'm so excited to read about your experiences in the class because I'm scheduled to take it in August. YAY!!

Carol said...

Is it okay if I'm a bit envious? Great results and you obviously had a wonderful time. xox