Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday with Elin

Today Elin taught us another way
to discharge, using a different resist.
I used a lovely linen that I had dyed to a beautiful green.
Above you can see the stamp that I used,
along side the linen,
after it had been discharged and rinsed.
Below is the entire piece,
which measures about 12 x 15".
The color below is more accurate to the piece.

A cold front and storm rolled through
this afternoon.
Since we are doing our discharging outside on the patio,
operations were temporarily suspended.
Many of us took a break
and headed to the downstairs
to ride out the storm.

You can see the rain overflowing the gutters 
in the courtyard.

Each evening there has been a half-hour program,
with three instructors doing presentations
about their work.
Tonight we toured the various studios.
Here is an interesting aspect of one of the ceramic studios:

As you can see the shelves in the upper area
are filled with teapots.
These are donated by the ceramics teachers
when they leave Arrowmont.
I love them!

This is the upper part of a sculpture
in the other ceramic studio:

This class is entitled "Toe Up",
and the students have been constructing
these figures literally
from the toe up.
We share our meals with all of the
students each day,
and hear their tales from their classes,
so it was nice to visit them all,
and see what they have been up to.
I will share more of these photos tomorrow.

I want to also share photos of my dear classmates.
It has been a terrific week,
and we have all worked very well together.
I think that in itself says a lot for Elin,
and her kind and gentle demeanor.
This is Holly (we have 2 Hollys in our class 
same birthday - 
can you guess the day?)

....and this is Carol, Holly's sister:

and this is Matt:

All have done extraordinary work - 
and all of our work has been different and very fun!
What a great week - 
I hate to see it coming to a close.

thanks for stopping by!

Peace to YOU!


Jeannie said...

That wall of cloth next to Carol is amazing! Wow!!! I absolutely love your stamp. Did you carve it? Lovely green. I could gush on and on. I am smitten with this class. To quote Dr. Seuss - Oh, the places you go!

Carol said...

I love sharing your artistic life through your blog. Lovely pics here. I remember visiting the studios at Arrowmont - what a privilege!