Monday, June 10, 2013

Stripping with the Best of 'Em

One of the first things we did 
in our discharge class 
was learn how to properly fit our respirators.
I've always had a very healthy respect for
and was happy to get a proper fitting of my mask.
Elin walked around the room
and checked everyone's.
Mine needed a little additional boosting up
with weather stripping,
and then I was good to go!

This was one of the first pieces I 
stitched and discharged:

I had used a piece of my hand-dyed fabric,
and was pleased with the marks that remained.

After discharging and rinsing our pieces,
we'd hang them on the line to dry,
and then Elin would go down the line
and describe exactly why each fabric
reacted as it had.
We learned a lot.

One of my classmates asked Elin 
to describe her process with her
beautiful piece,
which is hanging in the gallery at Arrowmont:

I love this piece,
was happy to see it up close and in person,
and to hear her describe her process.

Here I'm doing a bit of knotting
on silk crepe de chine:

using my glamorous foot 
to hold one end.
I wish I had taken a photo of the results -
I'm really in love.....
something to share tomorrow!

Here are three long, narrow strips
that I completed this evening:

I have more to stitch
and tie off,
so that is all for tonight!

thanks for dropping by!



Jeannie said...

I love what you are doing!!! I have stitched resists when dyeing, but I have yet to dive into the discharge arena. (Mainly because I haven't purchased a respirator - yet.) I am so looking forward to seeing what your lovely leg created. :) Have fun!!!!!!!!

Gerrie said...

I love discharging - more than dyeing - so jealous. I have one of Elin's beautiful pieces from the SAQA auction last year - love it. She is coming to my Portland guild next year, I think.