Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Two with Elin Noble

 It was an absolutely beautiful day here 
at Arrowmont!
The sun was shining,
the sky was a beautiful deep blue,
and we were in our workshop with
Elin Noble!
All was right with the world!

I began my day by discharging the black shirt
I had worn to class

Most of my 'work' shirts are 
the Faded Glory brand,
and you can see how the black tees 
discharge in Thiox.

One of our classmates lives on a ranch
and they castrate animals occasionally.
She brought in a castrating tool....... 
and a bag of about 100 heavy duty rubber bands.
I used said tool and bands to enclose
styrofoam peanuts
on this piece of hand-dyed red rayon:

It came out looking like this:

I also used it on this piece of hand-dyed linen:

and got this out of the bath:

and then this after unfurling:

I also tried resisting on this piece of hand-dye:

and after a second step,
I ended up with this:

This is a piece of folded and stitch-resisted linen:

after the discharge bath:

after removing stitches
and unfolding:

and here is the piece I held between my toes

(it's the large piece in the center -
pardon me, I'm too tired and it's too late
for cropping!)

thanks for dropping by



Jeannie said...

I am laughing so hard!!! I have seen the castrating tool used, but never in the way you did! Much more humane! LOL! I love what you are creating and your shirt!!! Wow! Sweet dreams!

Maggi said...

Fantastic results from the class in this and the previous post.

Quilt or Dye said...

It looks like you are having great fun!! Wish I was there!