Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Again

We arrived back in Atlanta last Saturday evening,
after attending the terrific "Meet the Artists" reception
at Sacred Threads.
It was a lot of fun,
and very well attended.
(We met and had coffee with my friends Merrilee and Donna,
and then had lunch and visited the show with 
Pam, a family friend for many, many years.
Great to see them all!)

The photo above is of a lovely quilt
made by Joanell Connolly.
It's titled after the Leonard Cohen song and poem,
"Anthem" in which he speaks of there being a crack
in everything and so
"That's How the Light Gets In".
Connell speaks of pain and feeling alone,
and an event which then changed her life.
It's a beautiful piece.
The Sacred Thread pieces are all so very spiritual.
It is truly a moving experience to view the exhibit,
and once again, I'm so honored to have 
a piece included.

So, home again, to yet more rain!
The sun finally came out on Tuesday.
We could actually see the grass growing,
and these as well:

The boys and I took our usual morning walk.

There's a lovely dirt road that
runs right along our lake,
beside the golf course.
We discovered it last winter,
and it is one of the highlights of my mornings...
so peaceful!

Our blackberries are normally ripe
by July 4th -
so they are about two weeks behind schedule,
but oh so plump, juicy and sweet when ripe!

I was able to get out and do some gardening
before the heat and humidity got too overwhelming.
While on my hands and knees, 
pulling weeds in my flower garden
that is situated along one side of our pool patio,
and there I was looking at the tail end of a Copperhead,
as it slithered away!
I had never seen one alive before,
but knew immediately what it was.
I was grateful that it was headed away from me,
and not preparing to or, worse yet,
striking me!
Of course, my weeding for the day
ended right then and there.
Yesterday morning I was taking advantage of the shade
near our front door and doing more tidying up
and weeding when Luis, the man who helps us 
with our lawn and garden, arrived.
I told him about my encounter with the horrid snake,
pointed out its location,
and asked that he use his weed wacker
to clear away the remaining weeds.
About five minutes later,
Luis appeared with 'my friend':

I feel very thankful that I was not bitten
by this horrid beast 
-nor was one of my grandchildren or Luis -
and that this nasty thing
is now gone!
He is gorgeous,
but oh what a menace!

I was so inspired by our trip to
both Sacred Threads and
the National Textile Museum.
I am working diligently,
but have little to share at this point.
....stay tuned!

thanks for popping in!



Gerrie said...

So glad you got to see the Sacred Threads exhibit. Thanks for the photos of my quilt. Joanell is supposed to be visiting me today. Here son lives in Portland.

Maggi said...

That is such a beautiful piece. I am so glad that there are no snakes around here, venomous or not. I have an irrational fear of them. I had to look up Copperhead - scary and it's good that it was heading away from you.

Karoda said...

Hi Judy, long time no drop into your blog and I'm catching up...just had to comment on the snake. I have these romanticized moments about getting back into nature and then wham! there is some big hairy spider or poisonous snake invading my day dream. Glad Luis got rid of it and no harm came to anyone in the process!