Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday's Yarns

The progress on my 
Stones and Stripes Shawl
is slow, but steady.
I'm still trying to knit at least
two rows each day, but sometimes
life just gets in the way.

The Ship Shape Kid's Crew is coming along a bit faster,
as it is far more social knitting.
As you can see above, the front and back
are now joined at the shoulders,
one sleeve is completed,
and the second sleeve is about halfway done.
The neckband will be next.
The shoulders are joined using a three-needle bind-off,
which I had never done before.  
What a great way to join knitting,
without having to sew seams!
Here's a detail shot:

well, I'm not sure that my writing is visible,
but the arrow on the right is pointing to my 
3-needle bind-off,
and the arrow on the right
refers to the shoulder seam.

That's all for my knitting this week.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you have a nice weekend.



Jeannie said...

The progress on the shawl is beautiful and Charlie's sweater is so pretty. Love that blue. What a neat shoulder seam!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xo

Maggi said...

Staring to see the pattern on the shawl properly now, very nice. That 3-needle bind off makes such a neat loin

deanna7trees said...

lace knitting takes lots of focus and easy to mess up. i used lots of 'lifelines' when i knitted my lace shawl and they sure did help.

steph said...

the shawl is lovely!!! and what a cozy little blue knit you've got going!!! thanks so much for popping into my bloggy space....we obviously have MUCH in common!!