Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday's Yarns

I knit the final bind off stitches
on Charlie's "Ship Shape Crew Neck"
coincidentally, while Charlie napped
the other afternoon.
Of course, I have yet to sew up the side seams,
or wash and block it.
I do love it.
The sweetest thing the other day:
Charlie asked me out of the clear blue,
"MiMi, could you teach me to knit?"
His Daddy might not appreciate it,
but I thought it was adorable!

My Stones and Stripes Shawl was coming along famously
last weekend,
and then we returned home from the condo,
I left to go babysit,
company came for dinner just after I returned home,
and so I haven't touched it since last Sunday...
but I will!!

I have since found several patterns that really
have piqued my interest:
Ruffles Baby Cardigan by Ann Budd.
I think Maggie probably 'needs' this -
don't you?

I'm also lusting after
by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.
Ummm, that would be for me!

And then there's the
by Sarah Cole.
This is a good way to use up
all of my leftover sock yarn!
It will be an ongoing 
'labor of love'.

In case you hadn't guessed,
I'm not a monogamous knitter!

thanks for stopping by!
happy weekend

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

Charlie's sweater is so cute! Perhaps he and Addy could build a mini sailboat to sail on the lake as he wears it. :) Love the ruffled cardigan, so cute! We could get in a lot of trouble shopping together as I love the patterns you have pointed out. If only I could knit faster. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Maggi said...

So pretty with that front panel. The shawl is looking gorgeous.