Thursday, July 04, 2013

Thread Play on this Holiday

Today I've spent a few hours
playing around with thread sketching.
I'm finding it to be very relaxing and addictive.
Above is just a scrap
of leftover fabric that I dyed
to use as quilt backing.
Now it's adorned with thousands of tiny stitches.
I'm enjoying this so much that I can't wait
to get started on the real piece!

Here's a detail shot:

I will definitely finish this small study.

It's Independence Day here in the States.
It's a rainy July 4th here in northeast Georgia:
 unseasonably cool for July 4th!
I'm not complaining.
Normally our friends have a big party:
everyone brings a dish,
barbecue is provided by the hosts,
 and after dinner
we watch the fireworks display
across the lake from their home.
Yesterday the city/county postponed the fireworks
due to the weather,
and then the party was also postponed.

I did make some rather festive cupcakes:

Now I must spend more time
with fabric and sewing machine.
Not a bad way to pass the day!

Happy Holiday
for those of you here in the States.

Thanks for dropping by!



Jeannie said...

Happy Fourth! There seems to be a common agenda between us this holiday - stitch. I am sitting with the a/c running and practicing hand stitches new to me. Your machine stitching is wonderful. At first I thought you were working on a Georgia O'Keefe flower study. Perhaps a moon flower? I have never grasped machine stitching, but your sample has me intriqued. :) Enjoy the rest of your day. xo

Maggi said...

The thread sketching looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing.Those cupcakes look delicious. I bet they didn't last long!

Carol said...

Yum, your cup cakes look delish! And your Datura is wonderful!