Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday's Yarns

I'm totally smitten with my lace knitting!
I can only do so much though,
and then I have to quit.
If you remember from last week,
I was completing the 2nd edging lace on Nancy Bush's
Stones & Stripes shawl.
I have now progressed up the main body.
There are many nupps (rhymes with 'soups')
on this shawl,
and they are all new to me.
I was having trouble executing them,
but found Myra Wood's
Easy Peasy Nupp! on YouTube,
and that has helped immensely.
Thank you Myra!

Here is a detail shot:

My 'social knitting' continues
to be the Ship Shape Crew
that I am knitting for Charlie & Maggie:

The front is there on the left,
and I am making good progress
knitting up the back, at right.
Soon I will be joining the two at the shoulders!
I can take this with me to knitting
and even keep up with conversation while I knit!
The body is knit in reverse stockinette,
which means that you knit through the back
on the knit side/right side/front,
and do a normal purl on the back side.

I am also knitting a cowl for our daughter:

The yarn screamed out her name when I saw it,
for she graduated from Georgia Tech,
and their colors are black and gold.
This is also mindless knitting.
The pattern is called Honey Cowl
and it was designed by Ann Maria.
The stitch is a slip stitch.
It gets pretty boring after a while,
but with a ball game, good conversation, or a movie
I am good to go!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Knitting!



Peggy said...

Judy, I'm smitten with your lace knitting, too -- love the ivory -- so beautiful. I liked seeing your projects, nice to have one for different moods/situations! xx

Jeannie said...

Your lace knitting is beautiful. What is the pattern for the shawl body? I made a tea cozy for my aunt with nupps. Once I got the hang of them, they were fun. Love the color of the sweaters and K is going to be styling at the GA. Tech football games this year. xo

Maggi said...

I love the gold and black yarn. I'd never heard of Nupps so it was really interesting to watch the YouTube video, makes it look so easy.

Carol said...

Nupps - new to me - but then, as I'm not a knitter that's not surprising. But beautiful is the word for your lace knitting and the sweaters and cowl are lovely too!