Monday, August 19, 2013

Play Time!

I have been watching Design Matters TV
for several years.
A couple of weeks ago I had a marathon session
of Design Matters.
Linda Kemshall talked about the Derwent Artbars,
and I was intrigued and ordered some.

They arrived this afternoon -
just in time -
I had spent hours on the phone with
voice messages and Dr's offices.
My hat's off to folks who do this all the time!

Linda Kemshall had fashioned some ivy leaf images
from floral wire and then ran an Art Bar 
over fabric with the wire taped underneath.
Here's my wire and my first image.

Not much to write home about, right?

I kept spraying the leaf image with water,
and this is how it looked after about 30 minutes:

If you're not looking for a leaf,
and you just enjoy color,
then that one is for you!

This is a Sweet Gum leaf:

(wire to the left and rubbing to the right)

I was still too rigid here:

I had made some plates a few years back,
and decided to try rubbing them:

sort of fun!

Another type of rubbing plate
made using a glue gun on cardboard:

sorry, I know it's blurry!

 I tried this pine needle plate:

And then I just started laying down colors,
to see how they would play
in different consistencies and varying amounts of moisture:

Above is dry.

Below I've sprayed it with water:

I love how the colors wick into one another.

I guess that is what I love most about dyeing.

It was a nice escape from reality today.
Tomorrow I face the music:
the Oncologist. this really me?
Is this happening to me?
It still hasn't hit home.

thanks for listening

peace to you!


Connie Rose said...

Hope it goes as well as it possibly can on Tuesday. Much love, xoxo

komodori said...

Each day the mind's eye opens wider. Some days so much you have to squint, other days you hold your eyes shut so hard you can't peer out until you relax. But every day you experience more, learn new aspects of yourself, as you grow and heal. When you find you are balling your hand into a fist, open it slowly and we'll be there. I'm with you all day, Kidlet! XR

Anonymous said...

You're going to beat the big C, Judy. I'm sure of it. Hang in there, and while you're there, we'll be rooting for you. A big hug, Carol and Jacinto

Karen said...

Judy, I'm thinking of you today, and hoping your positive attitude gets you through this. I imagine I would have the same reaction you did. Unbelievable.

Maggi said...

Thinking of you and knowing that your positive attitude will see you through.

Bought some of the Artbars at FOQ but haven't had chance to use them yet. I love the effect where you just laid down the colours.

Jeannie said...

I love how the colors blend and bleed! The tulip shape is fantastic. I received art bars for Christmas, but you know how much spare time I had for playing then. Ha! I'll have to do some excavating this week to find them. xoxo

inge said...

it's good to play ...and wish you strenght today....

spchemtech1 said...

these are great creative ideas..Thanx ,will try them for sure..