Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chronicling Kindness

My friend Jane LaFazio
titles her first Sunday of the month blog
"The Kindness Chronicles".
Everyone has been so kind to me lately
that I want to take this post 
to say thank you,
and to point out a few that have been
over the top, so to speak.

This is a beautiful shawl
that was given to me by my friend Roberta,
aka Dr. Sock.

She brought this silk and wool shawl to our knitting group
last week for show and tell.
She had purchased the fleece at, I think,
Maryland Sheep and Wool.
After spinning it,
Roberta decided the color was not for her.
She knit it nevertheless.
I was the first to say how much I loved it....
so she tossed it across the room to me!
What a girl!!!!
The color is excellent on me,
and I think it'll keep me warm during chemo!
A very soft and warm hug from my knitting buddy Dr. Sock!

Friday afternoon my cell rang
and it was Sheila,
a church buddy and breast cancer survivor.
She wanted to drop something by the house.
I said ok, and when she arrived I invited her in to chat.
She had a bundle of books on breast cancer,
and she sat and counseled me for about an hour.
I listened, asked a few questions,
and thanked her for the generosity of her time.
I'm slowly going through the books,
and learning a LOT.

When my sister-in-law Molly heard my news,
she immediately offered to send me a signed copy of
The author is a good friend of Moll's,
and has recently travelled the same journey 
I am just embarking upon.
I ordered the Kindle edition 
for my iPad and am thoroughly enjoying it.
Even if you don't have breast cancer,
I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

My friend Jeannie has been listening to me
and sending hugs from across the country...
and she shared the Flat and Fabulous FB group.
I went there and joined immediately.
If you too are on this journey
but didn't have a Jeannie to tell you
about F&F,
then go there now and join!
It's a great group of Fabulous ladies...
so much support and love.

Dear friends came by this evening
and brought dinner.
We enjoyed a glass of wine and
laughed and talked like old times.

I've had the most incredibly supportive phone calls,
emails and blog comments
from friends that I've known for years,
and others that I've never met.
I feel warm and loved....
and I know I can beat this thing!

Thank you all so very much!
Tomorrow I promise to show some fiber photos.
I have been working,
really, I have!!

Thank you all.

You are the best!

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

I can't remember who original said this, but it had a deep impact on my life and I think you are witnessing it first hand. "The kindness you send out into the world comes back to you tenfold". The kindness you have shown to so many people, is now coming back, eveloping you in its warmth.
(Gee, when did I suddenly get so deep? LOL!)
The shawl from Dr. Socks is gorgeous and such a fantastic color, especially for you. A warm hug whenever you need it.

komodori said...

Jeannie is right. You bring great happiness and kindness into the world: now it is being reflected back. You are a great treasure, MB! I love you!

cri-cri said...

so glad you´re surround with so many kindness .... enjoy it !

Connie Rose said...

Yes, your kindness is coming back multiplied! Love you!

Maggi said...

You are receiving well deserved kindness. The shawl is beautiful

Ginny Huber said...

Just back to looking at blogs to discover what's happened recently in your a two time cancer survivor (now quite a while back)I am recalling how l fine it is in a difficult time to have all the caring and support that surfaces to be wrapped in. Adding mine here to you Judy.

Peggy said...

Judy, as you take your first steps on this healing journey, I send you my love. xoxo