Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm about finished with
Letters Home 1957.
It is actually larger than this,
(about 70 x 20")
but I couldn't get back far enough
from my design wall
to include all of the top and bottom in the photo.

It lacks squaring up
and facing,
which I hope to complete this weekend.

I've enjoyed everything about this piece,
and feel quite honestly 
that I have further defined
what may become my personal style.
I've taken bits and pieces from
all that I've learned from so many talented teachers,
and combined them into this piece.
It's been a labor of love.

thanks for dropping by!

Peace to You!


Gerrie said...

It glows! (((HUGS)))

Jeannie said...

I so wish I could see this (and the rest of the series) up close and personal. The leaves are fantastic. xxoo

Connie Rose said...

Really beautiful! xo

Carol said...

This is quite amazing! So very beautiful - yes, your personal style is evolving right before our eyes. What an artist you have become! xox

Maggi said...

Gorgeous. The leaves just glow and it's great to see so many techniques working together.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Judy, and I admire you for your artistic creations and oh so many other things. Stay well! xx sil

diane said...

Judy - it's fabulous! Now you need to get it finished and photographed so that we can see the entire piece! Will this be in the December show? So proud of you!