Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Weekend That Was

I hand-sewed the facing on my newest wallhanging 
on Sunday afternoon.
Why is it that I detest doing that?
As much as I enjoy sitting still 
for hand embroidery and knitting,
and machine quilting
(which is far more tedious and time-consuming),
I hate sitting still long enough
to hand-sew the facing on a wallhanging!
Perhaps it's the lack of color and creativity?
Anyway, it is done!

Our daughter and son-in-law invited us to dinner
that evening, and we had a great time.
The grand cherubs were both in great form.

Charlie enjoyed
being swung around by his parents,
while Maggie was having a ball with the challenge
of escaping our presence
and attempting to crawl up the stairs

She looks like she's in jail,
doesn't she?

That morning Charlie had made a 
veggie buddy

using a baking potato,
radishes, a carrot
and green beans.

It was a beautiful day and evening,
with unseasonably cool temperatures
and low humidity.
We spent a lot of time outdoors.

Yesterday afternoon Craig and I once again
 met with my Oncologist.
We scheduled my first Chemo treatment
for tomorrow morning at 10:00.
It conflicts with my weight training class 
at the gym......
which really bumms me out!
But this seems to take precedence, and so we shall proceed.
 I'm accepting any and all good thoughts!

thanks for popping in!

Peace to you!


Jeannie said...

I think you nailed it with the facing being boring. There is no "what if", just straight sewing. :) Charlie and Maggie are so cute. I love the Potato Person! Sending a basketful of good thoughts your way. (Hugs to Craig too. I know this isn't easy on him either.)

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Both Charlie and Maggie has grown a lot and they are so cute.
I will be thinking of you tomorrow (at 4.00 pm here).
Kram Eva

Maggi said...

We should do a swap, you knit my socks and I'll sew your facings. I love doing that and think it may be because I feel that it just adds so much to see the project finished. Probably also the reason why I find it hard to do raw edge finished, something in me wants that neat edge, be it binding or facing.

Looks like you all had your hands full with the grandchildren, such lovely photos of them.

Beverly said...

The kids are adorable! Glad you had a good time with the family- I will be sending prayers and positive thoughts your way this morning- and a cyber-hug, too!

Carol said...

Wonderful photos, Judy, gorgeous grand cherubs! I won't volunteer to sew your facing... Love and hugs xox