Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday's Yarns

The progress on Stones and Stripes is
slow but steady.
With all that has been going on,
I haven't had the luxury of
knitting with my morning cup of coffee
this week.
But I have managed to complete at least one repeat 
of 15 rows.
I am bound and determined to finish this shawl!

ahhhhh socks:

my totally brainless knitting for this past week...
and you can see just how much progress I've made!
LOL, the key word is 'brainless'!
Sock #1 is finished, except for the afterthought heel.
I managed to do the toe-up cast-on
on Sock #2 in the car while riding down to Atlanta
Thursday evening....
without directions.
Only problem is, there's a purl row showing
in the tip....
but I don't care!
I knit about 2" in the Dr's office yesterday.

The scarf is coming along famously -
I can knit on it in the evenings while watching baseball.
I may just keep on knitting it until I run out of yarn
or time - whichever comes first!
I have until Christmas!

.....and here is the yarn for the
Verdure Mitts
designed by Alana Dakos:

It's Madelintosh DK,
'filigree' colorway
I cannot wait to start on these mitts!
But it may be a while!....
I'm thinking that I may want to start the 
Sycamore Vest instead,
as it is pretty much stockinette except 
for the front bands....
so fairly mindless and good for Dr's visits
and chemo?

thanks for stopping by!

Peace to You!


Jeannie said...

I swear you must knit in your sleep! I love the colorway on the new yarn. The shawl is gorgeous. I really like the pattern on the bottom edge and the stripes are so beautiful. Have fun! Maybe the Braves will make it to the series and then you'll have plenty of knitting time. :)

deanna7trees said...

wow...your on a knitting roll. i love the sock yarn. i took a craftsy class and learned toe up socks with three different heels. i finished one pair but i have yet to finish the second sock of the second pair. i'm really not a sock wearing person, but i wanted to learn how to do it.

inge said...

This autumn I'll to learn knitting's on my wishlist fo a long time...I'm dreaming off handmade socks... love your yarn !

Maggi said...

You are getting on well with the knitting and the new yarn is gorgeous.

Peggy said...

You get more done in a week than I do in a year. How is that? xo