Thursday, September 26, 2013

The FedEx Man Rings Only Once........

.....and he delivers Overnite!

My dear friend Gerrie Congdon had posted
- Tuesday -
on Facebook that she was sending me a package.
Imagine my surprise when we got home
 yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and there was her FedEx package
at the front door!
(I think she has something going with the FedEx Man,
don't you????)

So, here's the adorable chemo hat she knit for me!
I just love it!!
The colors are so me - in case you didn't know that!!
......and it's soft on my little bald head,
and oh so warm!

I don't need it right now, but boy
I can tell you,
it won't be long before the neighbors spot
me and my doggies out walking
with this adorable number on my head!
.....and I'll be easy to spot, right??

In case you couldn't guess,
I really do not like to take pictures of myself.
But I am humoring Gerrie here - honest!

She also made me this incredible hat:

from her own hand-dyed cotton and flannel.
The color is perfect - once again -
....and how did she know that????  LOL
I wore the hat all yesterday afternoon and evening -
except when I went to church - 
and then I wore my wig, ugh!
(wigs are hot, and mine is a bit tight -
not saying I have a fat head or anything!)

Now you can see the phenomenal dye job!
Yesterday I was wearing a marigold yellow linen shirt
that matched the yellow in both of these hats

....and as if the hats weren't enough,
Gerrie packaged her/my hand-knit hat in 
this wonderful muslin bag:

If you don't know Gerrie,
I'll share that she makes the most incredible
art quilts...
and many incorporate her love for the beautiful Aspens.

I am so honored and humbled
once again,
to be gifted by such a wonderful and talented friend.
Check out her website, and you'll see what I mean!

I've had the most wonderful day 
in the studio!
It all began very early this morning
as I was waking up from a luscious dream.
I began thinking about the piece I had been working on,
because I was pretty discouraged with it,
but suddenly solutions began to pop into my head!
I couldn't wait to get back out there and get to work!
Here's a bit of the piece

I think it is finally coming together!

thanks so much for stopping by!

peace to you!


Gerrie said...

You look so cute in that chemo bandana. Love it on you. I do not remember sending that package overnight so I am wondering how much it cost me - LOL! Or else I got some excellent service.

Jeannie said...

It was Gerrie's magic hat that helped you dream the solutions! :) Love the colors in the knit hat and the gorgeous dyed hat. You know I live in a yellow house with a yellow kitchen and bath? Love me some yellow! I like what you did with you pieces. They remind me of something. Now, how can I sneak into the house without Barker and Bosco noticing me sneaking off with that bag? Have a happy!

Connie Rose said...

The hats are wonderful, of course. Glad to hear you're still being so productive in the studio. You are an inspiration to us all! xoxo

tiedyejudy said...

Cute hats! And I love that you are working... I always fear losing my creative juices if anything is going on, so it's very inspiring that you still have the creative mojo going, even in your sleep!

Jane LaFazio said...

The hats are gorgeous! And gosh, I guess I didn't realize you'd already lost your happens so me, no doubt not to you! Sending you hugs and strength. I'm so vey glad you've got your art! Xoxoxox

Connie said...

Hi Judy, I just love your humor and your lightheartedness. I feel honored to be among your blogging friends. These hats a adorable and so are you. What a sweet friend you have in Gerrie.
I'm going to head over to Gerrie blog, right now.
Have a glorious day,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Maggi said...

Gerrie's hats are just great. What wonderful gifts.

I'm loving those patterns on the fabric.

Carol said...

Bless Gerrie for being such a wonderful friend. The hats are delightful, as are you wearing them. I'm going to visit Gerrie now, too. Love and hugs to you. xox