Friday, September 27, 2013

Lotsa Color in the Dye Bath!

As I was working/playing with a large piece yesterday,
I also had an old work shirt in several dye baths.
I normally buy a couple of very inexpensive white cotton blouses
and khaki shorts in the Spring
and wear them in the studio all Summer,
and then throw them away.
I liked this one a lot though,
because it has a lot of faux hemstitching on it.
Unfortunately it had one big blob of red
right smack dab in the front
which stuck out like a very sore thumb....
until yesterday!

This was just very elementary low water immersion,
but the funky results really appeal to me.

 From bright and in-your-face to muted,
 here are a few shots from the large piece
I'm currently working on

Each center circle is 4-5" in diameter,
with the smaller circles about 1" across,
just to give you a bit of perspective.
I'm pleased with my results thus far.

thanks for popping in

have a great weekend!

Peace to you, gentle reader!


Jeannie said...

Love the shirt! I have a couple of thrift store shirts that I have thrown in the dye and in the winter I love to wear them layered with a sweater. Color makes me happy of gray days. The piece you are working on is really interesting. I mean that in the good sense. :) All the layers that are still visable and makes me want to look deeper. Wishing you a fabulous weekend! xoxo

Connie Rose said...

Whoa, love that shirt! Take care, have a great weekend! xo

tiedyejudy said...

A gal after my own heart! Your shirt is gorgeous, and the piece you are working on makes me want to know more about your processes... batik? Stamping with thickened dyes? Tell!

Cathy said...

Beautiful serendipitous work on your shirt!
Thanks for sharing.
Cathy Bertanzetti
Birmingham , AL

Maggi said...

The shirt looks wonderful and I love the shape at the back. No wonder you wanted to keep it.

You are getting fantastic depth with the layers. Makes me want to see more.

Carol said...

Delightful shirt, a great way to give it a new life. Your muted piece has a lovely feel to it. Beautiful, as is everything you do.