Friday, September 20, 2013

The Postman Rang Twice

I should have titled this "More Thanks"
but I got carried away!

As we arrived home from my second chemo infusion 
yesterday afternoon,
there was a big fat package 
waiting for me from Missouri!
My good friend Merrilee,
also a breast cancer survivor,
never ceases to amaze me!
She sent me her trusty wig and a lovely scarf
a few weeks back,
and now, three issues of Hand/Eye
and her favorite brand of eyebrow pencil....
since I will also be losing those soon enough!
Merrilee and I are in constant contact,
I and really don't know what I'd do without
her sage advice and subtle humor.
We were lucky enough to actually meet in DC
this past July, as we both had pieces in 
the Sacred Threads Show.
Thanks Merrilee!!
I don't think she reads my blog,
but maybe she will!

Today I checked the mailbox 
as I was driving in from having my Neulasta injection
(the $6,000 wonder drug that beefs up my white blood cells).
There was a tidy little package from 
my friend Maggi in Great Britain.
We have only recently become acquainted
and neither of us knows quite how it all came about,
but boy am I glad!!

Maggie sent me this beautiful thread booklet!
You can read more about it here on her blog.
It has a fascinating history.
She mentioned in her blog that she was mailing it out,
but I never thought in my wildest dreams that 
it was heading to my doorstep!
Maggi, how did you know my address?

OK, check out the insides:

The squares are folded intricately
and open like this:

so then they hold your sewing threads!

I tried to center the beautiful Japanese Maple leaf
between Maggi's threads,
but in case you can't really see it,
here it is:

and here is a better detail shot of Maggi's 
lovely hand-dyed threads:

aren't they scrumptious?
ok, so I lied, wrong leaf in the detail shot above!
sorry Maggi -
it's called 'chemo brain'!  
I have a bad case of it today!!  LOL

I do know that this is the 
leaf on the inside cover.  

And then to top it all off
a beautiful handmade card!
And the sentiment is so perfect!

I am truly blessed to have such
talented and giving friends!!

I am humbled.

Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you gentle readers


Gerrie said...

I am jealous of that last gift - how lovely is that???

Hope you do well after your latest infusion. Your cap will be done once I get my hands on the right needles to finish it off.

Connie Rose said...

More wonderful goodies! So glad for you. Sounds like chemo was manageable again -- I hope so, anyhow. Have a good weekend. xoxo

Jeannie said...

Oh Judy!!! I love the thread pocket!!!!!!!!! It is gorgeous! and those threads! Gosh! They just glow on my screen, so I know they are even more beautiful in person. I am looking forward to a magazine review of Hand Eye. Take care of yourself and no racing around hugging strangers this weekend. :) xoxoxo

Maggi said...

Those magazines are going to keep you inspired by the look of it. How lovely that you have someone to give you such support.

Glad you liked the thread booklet and hope that it comes in useful.

Carol said...

What wonderful friends you have, Judy, and I'm not at all surprised. You have always been inspiring and now more than ever. Magazines, the thread booklet (stunning!), such lovely gifts. xox