Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Yarns

Well it's been a few days
since I've posted....
but I have been knitting!
In fact I didn't calculate too well on my 
vanilla socks,
and I'm out of yarn!

but these guys have so much color
that I can easily stripe the second sock's leg.
I've never cared much for matched sets anyway!

I've been having a love affair with my
Stones & Stripes Shawl!

I think I'm more than halfway finished....
but I don't really want to know,
because she has become one of my best friends.

And then of course there's the Sycamore Vest:

It's nice to knit on this in the evenings
in front of the TV -
mindless knitting for the most part.

thanks for stopping by

peace to you!


Peggy said...

Hi Judy, all of your knitting is so lovely. You do knit a lot, I bet you can walk and talk and knit at the same time! :)

I agree that socks shouldn't really match. I mean, matching just causes so many problems!

I've been thinking of you. Sending you my love.

Jeannie said...

Your socks are so colorful! I can imagine that on a dreary January day, they will be like putting on sunshine! The shawl, sigh. It is so beautiful. I am in love with the color of the yarn you are using for the vest. I know it is tv viewing time for you, so have fun knitting! xoxo

deanna7trees said...

a perfect opportunity to be creative in finishing that sock. do something wild. nice to see that i'm not the only one who has many projects going on at the same time.

Maggi said...

Glad to know that I'm not the on;y one who wears odd socks! The shawl is looking so good and you definitely seem to be further ahead with the vest than I am.

Carol said...

You little knitting dynamo, you! All looking so good and amazing! The shawl is gorgeous, so intricate. I love that you are working away at your art. Lots of loving thoughts going your way. xox