Monday, October 07, 2013

Back in the Studio!

Yesterday afternoon I found my way
 back into the studio.
It felt so good!
I've been having some really good
'think time'
while I sleep lately,
and I decided that I should play around with my
paint sticks in order to add 
another layer to the piece I'm currently working on.
So, I fiddled first with an odd scrap of silk,
and I loved the way the it looked (above).

Here are a few shots of my big piece

I think it may almost be finished!

thanks for popping by!

peace to you!


Jeannie said...

Interesting!!! I mean that in the best of ways. :) I really like the layering and palette and the figure has my curiosity peaked. Have fun!!!

Maggi said...

The painsticks create such a wonderful translucent effect.

Merrilee said...

Love the new work, Judy! Is there a story behind the images? xxoo