Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday's Yarns

I love to knit for my grand cherubs!
So while we were at the beach this past week,
I brought along patterns and yarns
for new winter hats and mittens.
Our daughter chose the patterns she liked best
and I got busy.
Both kids have rather large heads, 
so I tried Charlie's hat on
when I had completed the band....
just to make sure.
It fit!!
You can find the pattern here.

We chose Lev's hat pattern for Maggie's hat,
and I will modify it by knitting a yellow flower
for one side of it.
It's very difficult to get an almost 10-month old
and an almost 3-year-old to sit still for a photo,
but here's how the hats look, all finished:

I hope to complete the flower this next week -
but first I need some yellow yarn!

I've made great progress with my
Stones and Stripes Shawl!
I knit on it almost the entire
6+ hour drive home yesterday.
My goal is to finish it this next week.

I adore the pattern!

And just because I thought I needed more projects,
I've picked up some new yarn!
I am an avid Knitmore Girls podcast fan,
and boy can Jasmin and Gigi get me in trouble!
Jasmin has mentioned several times
that she loves the Fab Funky Fibres sock yarn
so I just had to get some

....and of course, one skein wasn't enough!
Elaine, the shop owner, is a delight to work with,
and orders are shipped promptly.

I've almost finished my present pair of socks,
so it was time to stock up on more yarn!

I'm also working away on my Sycamore vest,
but haven't made enough headway to warrant a photo.

Happy Knitting!

peace to you! 


Jeannie said...

I was to lazy to comment last night. Come back today and see what you have been up to and I am embarrassed. Knitting, dyeing, painting while I twiddle my thumbs and burn pasteries. LOL! Love the grand cherubs hats. They are so, so cute! That sock yarn would make me happy even on the gloomiest of days. Have a happy!

Maggi said...

Great hats, and done so quickly. That sock yarn is just gorgeous, no wonder you couldn't stop at just one skein.

Peggy said...

The hats AND your little ones are adorable, Judy. Great idea to use the same yarn but different patterns. The shawl is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it on you -- that you love making it makes it even more special. ;) I'm excited to check out the podcasts, too. Thanks! xoxo