Thursday, November 07, 2013

Working Works

I've been dabbling with a few pieces
over the past month.
This is "Holy Holy Holy",
made from painted and burned Lutradur.
It measures about 14 x 18".
I love to mess around with Lutradur!
The burning took hours,
but it was very therapeutic.

This one is called "A Little Holy",
and only measures about 4 x 6".
They are both mounted on canvas.

Do you like the white or the black background better?

Of course, you must remember to be careful 
when burning Lutradur:

Our Postmistress rang again this afternoon!
My good friend Kathleen McKenna Murphy
sent me this beautiful pillow.

Kathleen makes the most beautiful Murphy Bags.
(check out her blog - she has a great t-shirt embellishment tute
AND some beautiful new bags in store!)
Several years ago I asked her to make me 
a knitting bag, using my own hand-dyed fabrics.
She agreed....and I use that bag everyday,
and it has held up magnificently,
taking many trips around the country,
and accommodating several projects at a time!
She had a few bits of my fabric left over,
and so used those and some others
that coordinated to make me this lovely pillow.
I just love it!
Thank you Kathleen!!!!
The wonderful outpouring of love from so many
near and far has been incredibly humbling!
Thank you all!!!!

We are in the city tonight - 
a couple of days of R&R!
I feel like a lucky girl:
dinner out at Ecco this evening!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours.


Ginny Huber said...

Hi Judy: I seem to be the first one today as I peruse FB and blogs...I have never used Lutrador but I sure love your series called "Holy"!! I wrote a comment on Face Book about the gift receiving ..I remember that people wanted to do something for me when i was in treatment and it turned out a lot of people found their own way of being giving and connecting.. Sometimes hard to be on the receiving end but it looks like you are taking deep breaths and gulp taking it all in.. Lovely pillow Kathleen created..from your dyed pieces + ...

Jeannie said...

Kathleen's pillow is gorgeous and the quilting is so beautiful. I really like Holy Holy!!! I have yet to play with Lutrador, but soon. :) I prefer the dark background, for what it's worth. I think it adds some depth. Have fun in the big city and enjoy your dinner. xoxo

deanna7trees said...

love the way your lutrador looks with the light background but be oh so careful with the burning. i stopped playing with lutrador for that reason.

Connie Rose said...

I love what you did with the latradur! Have fun in the city! xoxo

Gerrie said...

Love those holy pieces. I have never tried burning lutradur - what do you use? I must try this.

Lovely pillow.

Jane LaFazio said...

love the layered lutradur! and of course, your new fashion-forward look! xo

Elizabeth said...

The Lutradur pieces are wonderful!! LOVE layers !! I like the pieces mounted just the way you have them!! The black is stunning with the brights!! Where do you get your lutradur ????? Kathleen's pillow is scrumptious!!!!

Maggi said...

Love the effects with the Lutrador and what a beautiful pillow.

Carol said...

Everything I want to say has been already beautifully put! Love the holy lutradors and like your choice of background for each. What a gorgeous pillow! You are so loved. And deservedly so! xox